Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ways to shrink belly fat
potbelly is very disturbing and makes us feel less confident here are tips for those who have belly fat

Is there a way to shrink the stomach that works naturally or could I reduce excess fat around the abdominal area. It may often appear to mind all of us, because "belly fat" could be making us less Pede in the appearance of daily life. On the other hand it also adds that the less your body healthy and not as it should.

Is there a danger of fat in the stomach?
The belly fat is often called "visceral fat". These fats are dangerous because it is metabolized by the liver which converts it into cholesterol and circulates through the blood. This is a dangerous build up of plaque over time resulting in a narrowing of blood vessels. The higher levels of visceral / abdominal fat you have, the more likely you are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, stroke and hypertension.

What causes belly fat?
- Lack of physical activity, poor lifestyle.
- Program the wrong diet, consume a disproportionate calories and without exercise.

Other factors:
- Stress hormones
- Genetics
- Smoking

Then how do I shrink the stomach and remove excess fat?
Sports that directly target the stomach like sit-ups actually less effective to shrink the stomach.

Combination of aerobic exercise and strength training is important.
Aerobic Exercise # is:
exercise for the heart
-> 30 minutes to an hour per day of cardio (heart) is good enough. If you incorporate these exercises into your daily routine then you are better.
Walking to and from work each 20-30 minute walk or bike ride is the best way to get a quick trim and healthy

- Jogging> is the right choice and also a good way to relieve stress. Whatever you do, once you find the type of aerobic training that you enjoy, then you will never want to stop.

# Exercise is Strength:
- Muscle: The increase will boost your metabolism and burn fat much more efficiently

-Remember, strength training for women does not mean you'll build muscle like men. Women have different portions and the purpose of course to keep bones strong and take care of appearance.

-Exercise the abdominal area will give a good shape and flatter stomach, just not as visually effective if the fat in the abdominal area has not been reduced or have not achieved ideal body weight.

I shrink the stomach through a portion of food:
- Eating a balanced diet without really "diet" is the recommended way. The way this is something that you can incorporate into your lifestyle so that your regular eating habits into good routines.
- Eat plenty of vegetables
- Eat> bread made from wheat, brown rice or can be known a lot of fiber and good for a healthy digestive system and regular
> When increasing your intake of whole grain like brown rice, make sure you do not ignore your intake of good fats, because they are also needed. Add a little olive oil to brown rice to eat or attached

* If you are biking, walking or jogging BEFORE breakfast, you will convert fat into energy. If possible you can have breakfast after arriving at the office.

* Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to cleanse your body system. It will also help to control your appetite

Reduce stress:
- A good diet and regular exercise can prevent you from excessive stress attacks.

Consistently do the kind of exercise will help to shrink your stomach. Efforts to reduce abdominal fat such as this should continue to be our good lifestyle. Not hard, was it? Not always shrink the stomach through a painful process.

With patience you can do it.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tips to lose weight
 Very difficult to lose weight, so many people become desperate and do anything in order to reduce their weight

.Not an easy thing to lose weight! ", That's the usual comments we hear. All things must be difficult if we do not know how and its direction. Therefore to lose weight we also have to understand how.

There are some great tips for you to run, but here does not include needle play scales to fall Laughing

1. Reduce carbohydrates (rice, bread, etc.) and avoid fats (fried foods, coconut milk).

 But do not you eliminate carbohydrates from your eating because your body needs carbs still, just not too much.

2. For those of you eating from 3 to 6 times a day.Huh? How? Of course you have to make a half portion of each meal. Then three additional between meals is not necessary to use rice, but the fruit or non-fat milk

3. Avoid sugar in your drinks!Drinks that bring most troops are sugar soft drinks. It is advisable not to drink it again. Always ask for mineral water if you're eating out. Occasional sweet tea for relief is still not right.

4. Most recent meal 2-3 hours before bedtimeBecause the fat began to be stacked when you sleep, and if you eat before bed it will become easy targets for fat deposition. If you are hungry, it's better to drink only non-fat milk or WRP or something.

5. No more fried foods, replace it with a grilled or poachedBut be careful, usually grilled chicken spread with oil. At best, you said once to a cook, so do not use oil.

6. Cardio exercise (jogging, running, swimming, jump rope, treadmill)This kind will make you burn the fat that accumulates with success. Perform the routine every day

7. Beautiful morning for practicePractice in the morning would be more effective, because your stomach is empty and of course the main combustion will take from your fat.

8. A healthy walkTry you can walk if the distance is not too far away. Or when there is a choice between an escalator or stairs, choose the stairs! Unless of course the mall there is usually only an escalator, but you can outsmart your continued walking on the escalator.

9. Take breaksA good resting time is 8 hours a day. Do not over do less.

10. Enjoy your lifeSet all your diet and exercise so enjoyable, so there will not be a yo-yo dieting (weight sometimes up sometimes down). If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle you are new, certainly not until you get bored

Sometimes you feel hopeless, but keep trying for the good in your life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 Now do not worry about health issues because of the many ways that can be done to overcome them

all concerned about health problems like heart disease or cancer. But sometimes, the effort that we do to avoid it is far from expectations.
No need to think complicated, simple and quick things you can do to keep yourself healthy and relaxed. Here, given the way the Third Age to improve your health in a time of 1 minute or less.
Hugging coupleNew research shows that the more you feel comfortable with your partner, then you give a greater feeling of relaxation to the body and mind. Feeling comfortable is to be had from hugging each other to make love.
A recent study in Psychosomatic Medicine showed proof. For every time making out, cortisol, a hormone released during stress, the body is reduced approximately 7 percent.
Eating chocolateStill feeling guilty about munching chocolate? No need, because, according to a recent study at Northumbria University, UK, rich cocoa flavanols that help increase blood flow to the brain. Chocolate is also rich in flavonoids, which help the body repair the damage there and fight toxins, improve memory, fight fatigue, and assist the body in the duties of a mental challenge.
Listen to musicNext time you find yourself in a stressful situation, pairs of headphones to listen to favorite songs. According to a recent study at the Cleveland Clinic, music can lower blood pressure and stress levels.
LaughWhen stress comes, laughter really the best medicine. Laughter is able to increase energy, reduce pain, improve immune function, and relieve tension.
"Get that silly screen saver. Rent a funny movie when you get home. Stop thinking about things too seriously!," Says Alice Domar Ph.D., director of the Mind / Body Center for Women's Health at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center .
Brisk walking with a pet dogMan's best friend is more than just a companion of his life today, but also pets. "Brisk walking or fast walking around the block your home is a great form of exercise for the legs, also increases serotonin and dopamine, the nerve transmitter that is pleasant and soothing," says Blair Justice, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of Texas School of Public Health.
Taking a deep breathImprove the health and happiness simply by breathing deeply. Breathing benefits the digestive process improvement, fitness, and mental health to improve the energy and relaxation.
Eating an appleThis nutrient-rich fruit is a major asset to any diet. Apples are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and flavonoids, apple help support cardiovascular health, and keep the bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body under control.
SmileAccording to a recent study at Columbia University, a smile can fight stress. When you feel the nervous tension and anxiety attacks, take time to rest and smiling.
"If you can slow the rate of respiration and alters the expression, you can eliminate stress," explains Mark Stibich PhD, a consultant at Columbia University.
Start the day with flowersWhile the daily routine can reduce energy levels and our views about life even before the weekend arrives, the study showed that the rate be the answer. According to a recent study at Rutgers University, promising flower longevity, energy and positive effects on mood, it can even reduce depression and anxiety. Looking at the colorful flowers or smell FRAGRANT certainly brings a sense of calm.Do something positive to please others, give attention to anyone and you will surely receive the same